And it is all over the news!

Here is another link to the story about Bianca's doctor resigning and it features some of the children currently being treated. It was on the news.

This one opens as an article, but you can click on the "video" button if you would like to see the video:
TV3 News

This one opens as a video clip:
Campbell Live

Today I had a call from one of the newspapers (The Dominion Post) and they asked me some questions, we also had a photo shoot with their photographer and I will let you know if we get published.

Terence went to the meeting tonight and the CCDHB still assured everybody that they are committed to making it work in partnership with the Canterbury District Health Board. They have now actively recruited for 2 Paediatric Oncologists. I understand that in New Zealand we have approximately 10 paediatric oncologists so they are looking to recruit from overseas as well. If they can't make it work (and until they do) all complex and new cases will be sent to either Auckland or Christchurch.

Fingers crossed they can make it work. This has such a huge impact on the cancer kids and their families. When the problems all started in July, there was a little girl and her family. They were given something like 48 hour notice to pack up and be admitted to Christchurch hospital. The dad and the two sons live in Wellington and the mom and their 2 year old stay pretty much permanently in Christchurch. So not a very pleasant situation...

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