Got a bit of a shock today...

The Child Cancer Foundation sent an email a few minutes ago letting us know that Dr Anne Mitchell, Bianca's oncologist, has resigned and will be leaving end of January 2008. This is a bit of a worry, because as it is we are supposed to have two oncologists, and a while ago one of the two, Dr Liz Hesketh resigned - leaving the unit short-staffed. That meant that all complex and new cases were referred to Auckland or Christchurch. Recently the CCDHB (Capital and Coast District Health Board) started discussions with the Christchurch Health Board to see how they could work in partnership to retain the tertiary service in Wellington for the Lower North Island.

They have now actively started advertising for a new Paediatric Oncologist to replace Dr Liz and they are working towards a solution. So Dr Anne's resignation came as a huge shock and we have no idea if and how this will affect us next year.

So tomorrow night Terence is going to a meeting to see what they have to say and to answer whatever questions everybody may have.

Bianca is so used to everybody at the hospital, so now she will have to get used to a new doctor all over again. It just makes me realise once again that this journey is full of twists and turns...

Will let you know as soon as I have more info.

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