Some minor side effects

Yesterday Terence left for Melbourne. He was at work for a few hours and then took a taxi to the airport. He was very excited and will update the blog with his trip and photos when he has a chance. He is due back next Sunday.

The past 2 days were a bit tough as Bianca was emotional and sad and a bit clingy. This is all just part of the side effects.

It helped that her neutrophils were really high so I was able to take her to a shopping centre with me. It is a bit of a risk because she might be able to pick up some or the other bug from there, but it was good to see her cheer up a little bit. Her favourite part of going to shopping centres are paging through some books, looking at the toys and see what noise and movements they make and of course getting an ice cream. Of course this always gives us a good idea what to get for birthdays and Christmas.